5+ Android Useful Application Which should be in all phones

5+ Android Useful ApplicationWhether you’re a smartphone or a master of custom roms, these are the apps that require every Android user needs to check out
1.Chrome Browser
The Chrome browser is devloped by Google, Company only. This is a completely secretly app. There are many features in Chrome that can be very useful to you, such as scanning QR code, synchronizing data. Along with this it is also fast and secure.
2. Es File Explore Pro
You probably know this app. This app extract Zip / Rar and other format. When we copy / paste a file, it may take a lot of time, then in this situation, Es File Manager can be a thing of your work.
It can be moved copy paste to different files simultaneously. If you want to rename any video / songs and other file then it will rename thousands of files at a time.
If you want to create a Zip / Rar / Ghz / 7Zip for any files, then use this application. Apart from this, this app can recover deleted file from fir.
If you have a passion for photo editing, then this app is very useful for you. Android platform has no other photo editor app like this. PiscArt has many tools that will make your photo awesome.
Piscart can create beautiful awesome photos. But you have the skill to create good images.
PiscArt Photo Editor is also not less than any Photoshop (Computer) Photos like Adobe Photoshop can be created in this also.
 4.Open Camera


 This is a camera app. The feature is that the open camera is more than the number of times the camera delivered to your phone. It has high quality photo and video recording facility.
The most important thing of this application that separates from another app is that you can create video right angle in it, in the Q’s mobile how many angle it can see, so that it can be easy to set up mobile.
5.Betterner VPN
Friends, this is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) App. You can use it when you have to go to a blocked website.
You may have noticed that you open a webpage and it is not open because the webpage has been blocked from your country, so you can use this VPN to enter any website.
There is an option to choose the location in which you can use to open the blocked website and app.
Apart from this, it also hides the IP address and other details of aapke phone so that no one is aware of which country you are from. vpn is also used to visit the Adult and Hacking website.