Apple iPhone X review: Apple’s powerful and powerful device

Apple iPhone X Apple announced the iPhone X on its tenth anniversary. With the announcement of the iPhone X, Apple also launched other 2 models, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But this phone was officially introduced in India in November. It’s really a beautiful smartphone that is with Modern Sculpture.
Apple iPhone X’s 256 GB variant is priced at Rs 1,02,000. Which is quite high. But would not it be a perfect decision to decide on this smartphone with such a high price? Let’s know.

Apple iPhone X Specifications

Screen – 5.8-inch, 3-D touch
camera- front camera 7-megapixel, dual 12-megapixel rear camera, 4-video recording facility
Processor- A11 bionic chip
operating system- IOS 11
memory- 64, 256 GB
battery- 2716
Other features – Fesaidi, water dust Resistant, 4G VoLTE, WiFi 802.11,
weigh 174 grams

iPhone X Design and Display

Talking about the design of the iPhone X, we have already told you that the device is with a very beautiful design. IPhone X is slightly smaller than Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Although this phone looks smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, its screen is larger than the 8 Plus 5.5 inch screen. But still being a beveled device, it is quite small.

Due to the size of the phone you can use it with one hand. The sides of the phone have polished steel band, which gives a good grip to catch it. If you use the phone then the phone will not be slipping by the hand of the phone, but it will still be advisable to use it with the cover because you will not want to be so expensive that you get disconnected from expensive hands. iPhone X is with all display design and there is no home button in it too. But there is also 2 cameras in the phone along with the edge-to-edge display. One infrared and another 7MP camera. In addition to the sensors, the device is accompanied by proximity, ambient light sensor and other sensors. The device also has mike and speaker with sensors.

The left side of the iPhone X has the Ringer of Toggle Key and Volume buttons. While the right side has a power button that also acts as a serial button. Apart from this, there is also a single Nano SIM slot. Therefore, like other iPhones, you will be able to use the same SIM at a time. There is also a speaker and microphone grill in the bottom and the retaining port in between.

The display of the iPhone X is really good and the colors are quite vibrant and sharp. Compared to iPhone 8 Plus, you will get a different experience on YouTube Videos on iPhone X. You should not have to complain about its display.

Apple iphone x software

This thing is known to all that the Apple company knows very well how a phone is designed and the company also does not miss anything in the performance. Talking about Apple iPhone X, the company has also included several new features and specifications. The company has also included Face Unlock, which allows you to lock / unlock your phone from your face only. Eyes should be open for the face ID and the phone should also have your attention. If you look around then the phone will not be unlocked. If someone repeatedly tries to unlock, the phone will move to the default passcode mode. The Face ID feature works very well and the phone is unlocked immediately.

The most special edition phone has an edge-to-edge screen that is quite great. The phone runs on iOS 11.1. You can see some changes in it as Apple has opted for a new OS. You will also see changes in OS gestures and tap system. For example, to switch back from the app to the Home screen, the user has to swipe upward. In the same way, when you drop down the top left side, you will see the notification. When you swipe down from the top right side, the control center will open. The multi-tasking view will have to swipe up and hold till long and the control center will open when swiping from right to the bottom of the chin.

A new fun feature of iPhone X is the TruePath camera system whereby an animosi can be created. Through this feature, you can send in an emoji message that has your face and voice.

Processors and Performance

All of these features work well on Apple iPhone X because the phone is with the powerful machinery. The phone is powered by the latest Bionic A11 chipset which runs at 6 Cores 2.39 GHz. The phone’s RAM is 3 GB and if you talk about the internal storage then you can choose between 64 or 256 GB variants. With 3GB RAM and processor, the phone really does a lot of fast and does not slow down. You can enjoy AR apps, games, HD video etc. on the phone and during this time the phone works very smoothly.

The phone’s performance is also good during multitasking, app switching, web browsing, etc. Like its older models of iPhones, its performance is really great.

The camera

Dual rear camera setup has been given in both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. Both of them are of the same kind. Dual rear camera is provided in the iPhone X for photography. It has a sensor f / 1.8 aperture and 12 megapixels with wide angle. At the same time, there is a 12 megapixel telephoto sensor with the second f / 2.4 aperture. It has a Quad-LED trutoon flash with its rear camera.

In the phone’s camera, the company has made improvements more than ever before. We used the phone’s new Front Portrait scheme and it was the best of all the phones used by us. You would like to distinguish The front camera is also talked about, so the clicked selfies are also quite good. This same feature is also available on Apple iPhone 8 Plus but it is limited to rear cameras. Now this feature is available for both Frontier and Rear Camera in Apple iPhone X. With the help of Stage Lite, you can create a black mask around the subject. This feature is really great.

Photos taken with both front 7MP cameras and 12MP rear cameras are really great. The quality of the photos clicked by the phone was really great and the colors were quite vivid. The camera of the iPhone has been quite good since the beginning. Even at 2x zoom, the quality of the photos is quite good. Video performance is also great. 4K videos can be shot at 60 fps and its results are also very strong.


Apple has been focusing on improving the battery for a long time and you can see the result in iPhone X. We can use the phone for up to 20 hours on 35 percent brightness. During this time, we used the phone for phone calls, WiFi, etc. and also kept Bluetooth on. That is, we used the phone to use the phone from high to moderate users. During this time, Gaming and YouTube used the phone for video playback. But not only the battery life of the phone but the charging speed also matters a lot. Speaking of charging, charging the included charger takes a little time to charge the phone. That’s why we advise you to charge it overnight. But it also supports wireless charging, so choosing the wireless charger will prove to be the right decision.


The loudspeakers of the phone are very similar to the iPhone 8 Plus. So you will get fantastic music quality. The call quality of the phone is not too bad but it is also not the best. During the use of the phone in the basement etc., the connection related problems will be found.


The biggest question is whether you should choose this device or not. So our answer is that if you are an apple lover then you must definitely choose this device. iPhone X is really a great device. The display and camera of the phone is tremendous and the performance is also fantastic. But if you are looking for another option, you can choose Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2XL. Apart from this, opting for OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not prove a wrong decision.

 Apple iPhone X’s 256 GB variant is priced at Rs 1,02,000. The price is quite high but according to its features, it is reasonable to call the phone expensive. If you can spend so much money for the phone then you can choose the phone.