why Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25


why Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25 On the occasion of the birthday of the Lord Jesus, the Christmas festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India including India today. Happy Christmas-Marie Christmas’ is celebrated on the 24th of December night. Christmas tree is decorated in all the cities of the country, so Santa gives a message to others to get the pleasure of giving gifts. But do you know why Christmas is celebrated only 25?


25 is celebrated only on Christmas

The Christmas Day began in the fourth century. Earlier, the followers of the Lord Jesus did not celebrate their birthday as a festival.


After hundreds of years of Jesus’ birth and death, some people started celebrating their birthday on December 25. But Jesus was not born on this date because evidence shows that he was born in October. Not in December.¬† Some people claiming to be Christians later chose this day because on this day non-Christians of Rome celebrated the birth of the invincible sun, and Christians wanted that Jesus’ birthday is celebrated on this day also.

(The New Encyclopædia Britannica) When the heat of the sun decreases in the winter season, non-Christians worshiped and celebrated worship with this intention, that the sun returned from its long journey and gave them warmth and light again. He believed that the sun begins to return on December 25. This festival and its rituals have been associated with the religion of Christianity by their religion and given it the name of the festival of Christians i.e.

Christmas Day, So that non-Christians could be drawn towards their religion.


Some special traditions related to Christmas

The festival of happiness that will come at the end of the year Christmas, which we call the big day too. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Some things in this are very special.


Santa Nicholas: Children and children know Santa Nicholas. This day, especially for children, is waiting for them. Saint Nicholas was born in Myra in the third century after 280 years of Jesus’ death. After the death of the parents in his childhood, Nicole had only been faithful to Lord Jesus. After growing up, Nicholas sacrificed his life to God. He became a pastor, then the Bishop, he liked to help the people. He used to give gifts to poor children and people. Nicholas is therefore called Saints because he used to give gifts to the midnight that no one could see him. Let us tell you that because of Saint Nicholas, we still look forward to the saints on this day.

Christmas Tree: When God was born to God then all the gods came to see him and congratulate his parents. From that day till today, the Evergreen Fur tree is decorated on every Christmas occasion and it is called the Christmas tree. The first person to start decorating the Christmas tree was Bonifence Tuyo, an English missionary. It was first started in Germany during the tenth century.


The tradition of giving cards: The world’s first Christmas card was sent by William Engleby in 1842. To please your family This card was a picture of a royal family member. After this, like the chances of getting a card on Christmas, and the combination of the people began to grow.

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