Google Pixel 2 XL full Review

  • Google Pixel 2 XL full Review Google’s latest phones the pixel 2 when the pixel 2 XL for a highly anticipated you because in its first fresh attempt Google made the pixel which was a great phone for the price and stack there laughing at flagships launched in the day from Samsung and Apple with not only cleanest fastest and most versatile software in the planet but with a great camera fast forward to 2017 way towards bezel less and dual camera rule the market the new pixels don’t come with any of these but it still has the best camera and cleanest fastest and most versatile software yet is it still the same enticing package the original pixel was your watching in a to detect and let’s take a look at the pixel 2 XL in this video pixel 2 XL is closer to the current trend in that it comes with receded puzzles but it also has a stipper price tag the base variant comes at rupees 73000 same as the iPhone 8 plus pixel 2 XL is a lighter device types of taxes 6 inch display in a small form factor and is resistant to water and dust it is rated at 1 m of a motion for up to 30 minutes pixel to carry forward the same dual tone design of the original pixel with Glass on the top portion of the back the phone has aluminium unibody design but unlike most phone companies Google doesn’t like to show that it is coated with non metal layer on the top that feels very much like plastic so you won’t know first hand what the phone is actually made of you would be surprised how study it is yet doesn’t feel that way for its real Chesi is hidden Beneath The plastic layer also it doesn’t look as flash eassy iPhone 8 or the Galaxy S8 not does it look like a clean Metal Slug like the one plus 5 for Google design is not about how it looks office but how it works and pixels don’t even move an inch away from that line same probably goes for the display as well because it has a bezel less design that is only Halfway there it’s only on the top and the bottom of the phone that you get the relatively thing the bezels on the side SSR Chunky even if the curved glass takes the focus away from them also the curve class doesn’t melt into the frame like the way it does on the Galaxy S8 so there is no smooth transition you can run the finger on the line with the classmates the metal frame and can feel the separation prominently also a disappointment for audio junkies the pixels don’t come with a headphone jack it is not as fun as the iPhone 8 not that I phone 8s thing but he said Google also likes to hate the little 3.5 mm board display pixel 2 XL has been in controversy for all the right reasons the pixel 2 XL uses and oled panel with the restricted colour gamut is probably done to keep grade colour accuracy on the display and boy it is quite accurate a quick comparison tells you it’s one of the most accurate oled display you will ever see but people are not looking to do lab experiments on the phone now or day that is the pixel 2 XL display is surely very accurate but it doesn’t look valid in comparison the Galaxy Note 8 oled panel is more vivid colours are Panchi and pop out and look beautiful on the note 8 1 on the pixel 2 XL display looks quite muted not a bad skin for daily use of course it is right and I can show right colours and its size does allowed to show more content particularly in portrait mode but I Thousands rupees you not just looking for daily use the results of blue tinge on the display that appears when is slightly rotate the device viewing angles a good but the colours are changed which again leaves a bad impression Google has promised the screen fix in the coming days and it is possible that it will be improved with a better colour profile through a software update in fact software is what the Google pixel 2 XL that it is known for its Clean Android interface it’s based virtual assistant and the camera software they are amazing and World’s smartest yet just like the original pixel phones the pixel 2 is also a very fast phone is definitely one of the fastest Android phones and that as much to do with clay Android Oreo and the good hardware inside the pixel 2 XL Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB RAM make the pixel 2 XL very Snappy this is a good hardware store radically not as fast as a 11 Bionic processor that Apple is putting In response but we don’t notice lack of speed in the pixel 2 XL compared to any other phone out there same goes for rendering high graphic games as well the phone is smooth as water at handling any game available on the Android Play Store this also puts it’s a friendly display to good use long hours of gaming won’t hurt the eyes as much as emulator display swell experience is not well but we could comfortably squeeze through long sessions of First person Shooter games if the screen is the fatal flaw in the Google pixel 2 XL the camera is the main reason why you should buy it the pixel 2 XL comes to the new image sensor that clicks 12 megapixel images sensor has 1.4 micro metre large pieces which is a step back compared to the 1.55 micrometre pixels inside the original pixel but it is paid to a brighter f 1.8 lens along with optical image stabilization it took some portrait shots and even indoors pixel 2 XL managers create light and clean and even background blur of course it does it using software and there is no second chances to get the depth data but it works beautifully to bring out natural looking portrait shots even with a single camera the order focus as well as Chris in the shots since only single sensor is employee it doesn’t require much hard work to set the focus like is the case with some dual camera smartphone this also voted Note 4 front camera that also works wonderfully outline Jacqueline and the colours are very accurate low light shots taken from the rear camera also delivered surprising resolves Google has refreshed the camera hardware pixel 2 XL and takes the photography to the next level in some extreme cases no ice creams in but it is not any more than what we have seen on phones like Galaxy Note 8 or the iPhone 8 the camera is able to capture paint light as much as it does the bright light in the foreground with equal intensity the camera interface is plain and simple and in the background artificial intelligence does the job of selecting focus blurring background skipping the colours accurate and capturing good amount of details optical image stabilization works well in videos to in this handheld video at we recorded inside a car objects are in clean focused and dont make a trail jokes are smooth and out and the auto exposure and autofocus also Very responsive pixel 2 XL can also record slow motion videos at 240 frames per second with the maximum resolution of 720 p the one we recorded indoor does have no eyes but the autofocus works perfectly so file thought on the pics into Excel is this it is an expensive phone at this price you would want a great phone and not just a good one which makes the pixel 2 XL quite expensive for its asking price Google selected function overlooks which makes the pixel 2 and the pixel 2 XL quite unique phones that also come with great camera and the goodness of Android Oreo there definitely the best Android phones you can buy I right now but at that price you would want a phone that not only works good but also looks good one that makes you feel good every time you look at it or you said that something extra is missing from the pixel 2 XL the only time the phone will delete you is when you click a photo particularly A Portrait shot with it otherwise Android fans waiting for a truly great Google phone would have to wait for one more year so what all did you like about the new pixel phone that is know in the comments section below if you like this share this informtion subscribe to get latest technology news thank you