Do you know how many WhatsApp messages sent to India in 2017


Do you know how many WhatsApp messages sent to India in 2017

India in WhatsApp via sent more than a total of 20 on December 31 billion messages. Whatsapp user has used whatsapp for congratulating friends and family on their arrival in 2018. In a press release, Whatsapp revealed that more than 75 billion messages were shared across the world on New Year’s Eve , out of which 20 billion messages were sent to India. Such messages have been sent in the history of Whatsapp for the first time. There are over one billion WhatsApp users worldwide and with 20 million users India is the largest market for this app. . About 1 hour there were complaints about not running the WhatsApp app.

In a statement, Whatsapp said, out of the 75 billion messages sent worldwide, more than 13 billion photos and 5 billion videos are included.The company says that this data was recorded on December 31. This data is for 24 hours.

But many users were frustrated with its stalemate at midnight on January 1 in India. Whotsap has stopped working all over the country and people were able to send messages for about an hour, but these messages were not getting delivered. The company did not say any reason at that time for this reason and said, “The trouble caused by the worldwide WhatsApp user has now been resolved.”