Know this special feature of Android smartphone for you


 feature of Android Internet desk Nowadays everyone uses Android mobile. The most important feature of these Android phones is that users can adapt it according to their convenience. Its operating system is very useful because it makes work easier but these features do not appear on the iOS device.

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Make your phone your assistant –

Sometimes there is a habit of checking the phone at the time of driving, eating food or urgent work, which is not a good habit, checking the phone at the ring of a phone can sometimes cause damage. We can not provide any necessary instructions or mail discounts. Let’s check the phone so make your phone your assistant. Nowadays there are so many apps available in the Play Store which can help us in such a situation, such as Speak Me, Shouter, Keep in.

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Use the Smartlock Feature’s Use-

Do not see your personal information from other people so we keep the phone locked, but if we need to unlock the phone repeatedly, we can use a SmartTouch feature in the Android device of our phone and knowingly Eliminating the need for a PIN or password at places where it is located. The user does not need to enter the password everywhere.

Bring the app to the screen –

To bring the hidden apps to the screen on the screen, the App Launcher, Powar Tagged, One Tap Quick Bar, with the settings cut into the notification panel, with the settings shortcut, all the screens on the screen are available on the screen so that the app on the phone’s screen We can easily do our work by the meeting.

Smartphone’s new cover can be kept from the app, look at diabetes


On the setting of the ‘Magnification Gestures’ on the Android phone’s settings, any stock app available on the phone screen and any item can be easily zoomed. No other apps or screenshots are required for this.

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In hardware and notifications, privacy-

To check whether the hardware is working correctly on your phone, install the phone tester app from the Play Store easily, you can easily take the complete hardware information off your phone. No other person should see your Waterspace or other notifications. For this, you can hide essential content from the device’s unlock when you go to the Sound Notification of Settings.