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JioPhone starts delivery today, before they will get.

the company is going to start its delivery today ie Sunday. The company is aiming to reach 6 million phones in 15 days to those customers who had pre-booked it.   Since the pre-booking of Reliance...

5 most handsome man

5 most handsome man [youtube]

WhatsApp will be fun, will give you a great deal of features

That's what WhatsApp can now launch launcher             app shortcuts soon.  Launcher app shortcut means that you can set the Android on the main screen to access any features of...

Amazon’s world’s most expensive deal with Salman

Amazon's world's most expensive deal with Salman American e-commerce opcompany Amazon has made a very expensive deal with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Actually, Amazon has done deal with Salman for 5 years on this deal....

TOP 12 blockbuster Bollywood couples who floored India

TOP 12 blockbuster Bollywood couples who floored India Since the beginning of Bollywood dazzles couples are on the silver screen and are used to rule the hearts of people. Many of these compounds seventies decade until...