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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day full Story Why do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?What is Valentine’s Day all about?

Valentine’s Day On 14th February we are celebrating the date of love and romance. Let’s see where this day started from the beginning of the third century’s story.

The king of Europe was once considered a powerful empire in the whole world. Dancing which was a stubborn and decisive king, with its cruelty, he was spreading his kingdom throughout the world.

Claudius once made an analysis and found that his rule In the case of single young people more powerful than married people,

he has given a very brutal decision in his meeting. Permission will not be given to marry any young person in my state. With this directive, the situation of sadness spread throughout the state,

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In one large heart, Catholic used to be corrupt, his name was Sand Valentine, he did not like this thing at all, they were inside the room of the young people inside.

After some time, when it was decided to get married, King Claudius came to know about this when he arrested the Foreign Sent Valentine who was serving a sand Valentine in jail, there was a blind daughter of the jailer who met him every day.

Valentine’s love with the daughter of the jailer fell on one evening valentine with her loving hands carried the eyes of that girl and became a miracle that the girl’s eyes were flooded She was cured like a few days later when Sent Valentine was hanged, she sent a letter to the girl before the execution.

She had just written so much in the letter of love. Romeo valentines was on 14th February when a saint loved the whole world After explaining the power of love and taking off from this world, friends from that day are celebrating the whole world on February 14 as differently as Valentine’s Day, is it just boyfriend For a long time, Sand Valentine’s Day has set a great example of spreading love all over the world, in the same way, we can tell a grand world of love and harmony with our grandparents or parents or friends. Are there

Valentine’s day gift ideas

What kind of difference you can give on this valentines and how to make the special day, so to make your work easier, we have shortlisted 10 special valentines, which you can order at home and also all these products ₹ Under 500, Indian rupes after all you have to save money for dinner…

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  1. Valentine’s day gift Earrings

Valentine's day gift earrings
Valentine’s day gift earrings


2.Valentine’s day gift pan drive

Valentine’s day gift pen drive

3.Valentine’s day gift Handbag

Valentine's day gift Handbag
Valentine’s day gift Handbag

4.Valentine’s day gift Gold-plated Rose

Valentine's day gift Gold plated Rose
Valentine’s day gift Gold-plated Rose

5.Valentine’s day gift ( Teddy Bear )

Valentine's day gift ( Teddy Bear )
Valentine’s day gift ( Teddy Bear )

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